What We're Reading January 2019

What We're Reading

Trust Across America-Trust Around the World has gathered together its Top Ten Best Trust Stories of 2018 to offer all of us a much-needed respite from the multitude of spectacular leadership failures we read about in 2018 (e.g., think CEOs of Uber, Theranos). From Rose Marcario at Patagoinia to former Amazon executive Jeff Yurcisin, now president of Zulily, these are stories culled from respected local and national media outlets that add fresh insight into each of these high-integrity leaders who believe that a long-term, more holistically-trustworthy strategy will positively impact ALL stakeholders.

And just in case you’re looking to add more to your reading list for 2019, take a look at a few favorites from Jim Kouzes that you might have missed from this past year…

Building on the tremendous success of Marshall Goldsmith’s What Got you Here Won’t Get You There, leadership expert Sally Helgesen has joined in as co-author of How Women Rise. Together, they explore the very specific and different roadblocks women face as they strive to advance in the workplace, and call on their combined decades of experience to offer advice on how to break 12 core habits that may be holding women back. Jim cited its “exceptional writing, brilliant insights, and engaging stories” as a “must read.”

Leo Bottary's latest book, What Anyone Can Do, gathers together fun anecdotes and practical takeaways from conversations with dozens of his Year of the Peer podcast participants. Focused around the central theme of supporting and learning from each other, included here are lessons shared by Year of the Peer participant Jim Kouzes who praises Leo’s style as “over-a-cup-of-coffee casual, but the lessons he conveys are vital to your success in work and in life. I found it immensely valuable, and you will, too.”


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