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Finding purpose is one of life’s greatest challenges. It’s hard work. It takes great introspection and self-examination. But sometimes, when we’re lucky, we find inspiration that will make clear the answer we’re seeking. Sometimes, in fact, we find that inspiration in the wisdom shared by others who have journeyed on that same road and succeeded—some on a global scale.

In Work is Love Made Visible, co-editors Frances Hesselbein, Marshall Goldsmith, and Sarah McArthur bring together over a dozen contributors to share personal stories of the struggles and rewards of pursuing and living their true purpose. With original essays from Patrick Lencioni and Dave Ulrich to Jack Zenger and Margaret Wheatley (plus the editors themselves), the contributors address what it means to be a great leader, the responsibility to serve others, their personal defining moments, and so much more. Praised by Jim Kouzes who called it “a work of love—a genuinely moving exploration of the meaning and significance of work…Work Is Love Made Visible is really not a book at all; it’s an enriching and engaging experience.”


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