Tips for Leaders: Manage Your Emotions April 2014

Tips for Leaders: Manage Your Emotions

While the best leaders are self-aware, they are careful not to let their feelings manage them. Instead, they manage their feelings. Self-control is important.

Let’s say you become aware that you become angry when people are unprepared for a meeting. One way to respond would be to yell at them and put them down in front of the group. But would that be the best way to handle the situation for the sake of your credibility and your relationship with your constituents?

No, it would not.

The same is true in learning. There will be times when you become frustrated and when you become upset at the feedback that you receive. You could go out and break something or yell at someone, but that won’t help your learning or your relationships.

So manage your emotions. Be aware of them, but don’t let them rule your behavior.

And if you sense that you need help managing those emotions, seek it.  

Excerpted from the Leadership Practices Inventory Planner, 4th edition, James M. Kouzes and Barry Z. Posner, © 2013, published by Pfeiffer/An imprint of Wiley. All rights reserved.  


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