Tips for Leaders - Pass it On! September 2016

Tips for Leaders - Pass it On!

Do you have what it takes to become a pioneering thought leader who can create an ideas revolution? “Lots of people write books, do a TED talk, give speeches…but the thought leaders who actually shake us up, who create new ways of thinking, who are founders of major enduring movements…those are more rare,” writes Debra Hunter, former president of Jossey-Bass and Pfeiffer, imprints of Wiley, and now an independent consultant coaching CEOs and working with executive teams on everything from strategic planning to mergers and acquisitions. Offering advice on the Five Things that Define Truly Great Thought Leaders she advises that an ideas revolution is about ideas that inspire us and change lives, “movements that endure and grow, and the brave souls who lead those movements”—brave souls who are true originals, who stick with their ideas regardless of trends, who find ways to express those ideas, who care more about their followers or readers than their own ego or status, and who—perhaps most importantly—have an enduring passion. Read more here.


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