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Do you find yourself searching for all possible ways to justify why you aren’t good at the “people stuff”? Do you find yourself putting up the greatest resistance to the very feedback you know you most need to hear? If you’re like many leaders, the answer to both of these questions is a resounding YES. But, it doesn’t have to mean you’re un-coachable.

The key to overcoming your blind spots and becoming more open to feedback and change is to figure out how you defend yourself, suggests long-time friend and advocate of The Leadership Challenge® Damien Faughnan. In his article, “Are You Coachable”, he explores the various ways we often respond to feedback, what we say and do to protect ourselves against things we fear will hurt us, make us uncomfortable, or expose truths about ourselves we’ve worked hard for years to keep hidden. And he offers insight into what it takes to look inward, to identify our defense strategy, and be willing to work effectively with a coach, mentor, or other supportive colleague to increase our capacity to reach our full potential.


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