The Leadership Challenge Masters Give Back launches in Hong Kong December 2015

The Leadership Challenge Masters Give Back Launches in Hong Kong

The Leadership Challenge continues to expand across the globe, changing the lives of leaders and their organizations. This is especially true throughout East Asia as leaders in business and industry are finding the power of The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership® essential to making extraordinary things happen. And for the very first time, thanks to the generosity of the team at Wiley, I and my colleagues at TACSEN had the good fortune to bring the rich experience of The Leadership Challenge to aspiring leaders in the Hong Kong nonprofit community— to bring corporate quality leadership training to those who could not afford it on their own.  

Together with our event co-sponsor, Social Enterprise Summit (SES), we recently welcomed 21 leaders from Hong Kong-based NGOs (non-governmental organizations) and not-for-profits at our inaugural Masters Give Back program. Participants came from a wide variety of social, religious, and charity organizations, including general managers, directors, and other senior leaders from SES (including its Chairman), Hong Kong Council of Social Service, Caritas–Hong Kong, Po Leung Kuk, Friends of Earth, The Hong Kong Society for the Blind, and Church Council. During our one-day workshop, we provided an overview of The Five Practices, guidance on how to interpret and get the most out of the feedback and insight contained in the Leadership Practices Inventory® (LPI®) report, and through exercises and in-depth discussion reviewed the key tools and concepts for each of The Five Practices. 

Insights and learnings were evident with everyone in the group. Many participants expressed gratitude for the opportunity to get to know other people from different NGOs, while others appreciated how practical and useful the content of the workshop was. 

In addition to the benefits participants received, our Masters Give Back program also provided a great learning opportunity for me. Being in the commercial sector my entire career, I now have a much deeper appreciation for the differences in how The Five Practices apply in for-profits vs non-profits. For example, I see how NGOs approach risk assessment and risk taking very differently from other commercial organizations I have encountered. As Jane Lee, Chairman of SES, explained, “An assessment of risk involving legal, social, and organizational reputation is usually considered before an assessment of financial risk in NGOs”. This represented a very different way of thinking about risk for me. 

This important first-ever Masters Give Back program provided the participating nonprofit leaders a chance to devote time to their own leadership; it also provided them with the opportunity to build community. I am happy and grateful that we were able to contribute to the Hong Kong community, and to engage with such inspiring leaders.

Terence Yeung, a Certified Master-in-Training, is Managing Director of TACSEN Management Consultants Limited, a Global Training Partner of The Leadership Challenge. With 20+ years of experience in business consulting and corporate training, he has helped numerous multinational clients in Hong Kong and China enhance their leadership capabilities. He can be reached at


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