The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership Steve Ballmer

Bringing The Five Practices to Life

When Microsoft announced the recent appointment of its new CEO, Satya Nadella, Wall Street was initially enamored with the news. But keeping shareholders happy is going to require quick action to ignite the growth analysts expect—and that’s going to take exemplary leadership. 


Upon the retirement of long-time CEO Steve Ballmer, Nadella is only the third chief executive to head the mega-giant founded and led by Bill Gates for so many years. And Nadella is an insider—a 20+ year veteran who has worked side-by-side with his fellow employees to lead one of the company’s most successful business technology divisions.  It’s a situation that can be challenging for a new executive leader. But in his first email to employees, Nadella clearly set the tone for what is to come. In sharing with others his personal thoughts on the all-important “Who Am I?” and “Why am I here?” questions, he gives voice to a philosophy of leadership that demonstrates The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership® at its very best. > Read More  


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