Six Strategies Worksheet for Turning Adversity into Opportunity: Strategy 4

Six Strategies Worksheet for Turning Adversity into Opportunity: Strategy 4

Challenge comes in various forms—a reluctant team, an over-controlling boss, an industry shift, or the introduction of a new technology. Whether large or small, however, leaders are the ones who take charge. We have a responsibility to develop in ourselves—and to help those around us develop—what psychologists call “psychological hardiness”, and to create conditions that encourage everyone to seize the initiative in tumultuous times.  The following is the fourth of six actionable strategies adapted from Turning Adversity into Opportunity that can help you do that. 

Strategy #4: Take Charge of Change 
People who are proactive are healthier and more successful. In times of challenge and adversity leaders must make something happen. You may not control all of what is happening in the broader environment, but you are still in charge of your own life. Consider the following and make time to discuss these questions with your constituents:
What decisions and actions do you control?  
How can we positively influence the outcome? 
What actions can you take to create forward momentum? 
What little things can you do to get moving in the right direction? 
How can we transform this struggle into an engaging learning experience? 
If we are going to fall, how can we fall forward and achieve a sense of progress?
Taking charge of change is how you invent your future rather than simply letting it happen to you.

Copyright © 2014. Based on James M. Kouzes and Barry Z. Posner, Turning Adversity Into Opportunity. San Francisco: The Leadership Challenge, A Wiley Brand. (2014)


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