six strategies worksheet for turning adversity into opportunity 5 of 6

Six Strategies Worksheet for Turning Adversity into Opportunity: 5 of 6

As many leaders who have been asked to share their personal best stories have reminded us, no leader ever gets anything extraordinary done single-handedly.  Especially in the new normal world of rapid change and disruptive innovation, people have to become more involved with one another—not less.  It is through social connection and social intimacy that we are motivated to strengthen our relationships, resolving interpersonal conflicts by finding win-win solutions and doing favors for one another with the clear expectation that these will be reciprocated.  

And we, as leaders, have a responsibility, to help create the conditions necessary for people to build meaning into their lives at work, at home, and in the community. The following is the fifth of six actionable strategies adapted from Turning Adversity into Opportunity that can help you do that—to navigate through the challenge and adversity of our times.  

Strategy #5:  Engage Others.  There are others who are being affected by this transition. Collaboration and trust is essential to get through change and adversity.  And, we feel a lot healthier in trying times when we get support from others.
  • Who else is being impacted? 

  • How can we engage with them? 

  • How can we use this opportunity to fortify our relationships with others and build partnerships? 

  • How can I connect people with one another on the project? 

  • How can I let others make choices? 

  • Whom can we turn to for caring support and wise counsel? 

  • How can we strengthen the sense that we are in this together?  

  • Who has done something that has helped to make a difference, and how can we tell their story?
Engaging others makes sense because there simply is no way you can navigate the future all by yourself. 

Copyright © 2014. Based on James M. Kouzes and Barry Z. Posner, Turning Adversity Into Opportunity. San Francisco: The Leadership Challenge, A Wiley Brand. (2014)


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