Masters Give Back to the Next Generation of Latino Leaders

Masters Give Back to the Next Generation of Latino Leaders

What does it mean to be an emerging leader? In particular, what does it mean to be an emerging Latino leader? That’s the question 16 Latino leaders from the heart of California’s Sonoma Valley came to discover recently at a unique The Leadership Challenge® Masters Give Back program delivered by FlashPoint. The brainchild of Juan Hernandez, Executive Director of La Luz Center and a participant in Sonoma Leadership Systems’ Social Profit Leadership Council, the two-day event also benefited from the generous support of Salvador Chavez, a Sonoma Valley Unified School District board member. 

The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership as illustrated by
John Ward
After completing the LPI®: Leadership Practices Inventory® assessment prior to the start of the workshop, this group of leaders—experienced and novices alike who came from various professional, nonprofit, and entrepreneurial fields—was provided the opportunity to dive deep into The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership® through exercises, discussions, cohort group work, and one-to-one coaching. They also received expert guidance provided by a dedicated FlashPoint team, including Master Facilitator LJ Rose, Certified Master-in-Training Holly Seaton, Graphics Facilitator John Ward, Sonoma’s LPI Administrator Nancy Peterson, and The Leadership Challenge Facilitator Raul Peña. 

Participants had opportunities to network with individuals from various nonprofits in the Sonoma Valley and, overall, everyone came away from the experience having found deep and meaningful takeaways that will enrich their lives going forward.  

Following the workshop, on-going email communication has kept all participants engaged. Regular cohort meetings provide an opportunity to continue discussions around their LPI feedback and action steps for moving their leadership development plan forward. The cohort also plans to meet regularly to address issues and concerns affecting the community, and explore ways to apply their new-found leadership skills to current challenges. 

There was an outpouring of community support for this very special Masters Give Back program, and to those who made such a difference we say, “thank you.”  The Rotary Club of Sonoma Valley for the donated food and refreshments
  • La Luz Center donated the facility and ongoing meeting space
  • Carneros Brewing Company for the use of their facility for a first-evening gathering and ongoing meeting space
The Masters Give Back program is an opportunity for facilitators of The Leadership Challenge to enrich the lives of individuals and communities, supported by the generosity of John Wiley and Sons. And we are confident that the outcome of this experience will be a continued interest and commitment to leadership from these new and aspiring leaders in the Latino community. 

Jeni Nichols
is President of FlashPoint, a Global Training Partner of The Leadership Challenge, where she leads a team of creative, experienced leadership development professionals in fulfilling the firm’s vision of developing a “well-led world, one leader at a time.” She can be reached at   

La Luz Center
, a Jefferson Foundation Award recipient, is a nonprofit and the only organization serving the Latino community in Sonoma, providing English language training, teaching computer skills, distributing food, hosting medical services, offering crisis counseling, and supporting events that celebrate the richness of the multicultural community.  


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