Leaders Create More Leaders

Leaders Create More Leaders

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Perhaps the most wonderful thing about following The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership® to develop ourselves is that we are going to develop others at the same time.

I like to say that “leadership is a contact sport.” Every day we interact with our team, our peers, our manager. And in those encounters we have the opportunity to create leadership learning moments.

“Powerful Times / Powerless Times is a learning exercise I use frequently in the workshops I conduct to help leaders understand that they possess both position power and personal power.

Position power is that granted by the organization. We may have a title (supervisor, manager, vice president, etc.) and with that title the organization grants a certain level of authority to make decisions and approvals. We can certainly use that power and hold it closely to ourselves. In doing so we will probably get exactly what we ask for, nothing more. In some cases it may not be the best solution because we did not ask for input from those who have better information. This environment may create POWERLESS TIMES for our teams.

On the other hand, we may be able to share our position’s power with others and allow our teams to make some decisions. When we share our position power we create personal power. This power comes from the trusting relationships we build with others. It allows our teams to thrive and work together for the best possible outcome. It will create POWERFUL TIMES for our teams.

When leaders enable their teams through powerful times, they are Modelling the Way by setting the example for others to follow. They are creating more leaders at all levels. In fact, the effect can be exponential when those that they inspired start inspiring others.

It is a gift and a blessing that we can create more leaders by developing ourselves. We may never know just how many lives we have touched and changed because of the steps that we took in our own personal development plan.

With this in mind, I make it a point to remind the leaders in my organization to remember that we are all in this together, so let’s help each other.

Steve Skarke,
a Certified Master of The Leadership Challenge®, is president of The Kaneka Foundation and creator of Leading Elements™. As an “Organizational Engineer” Steve supports the development of internal and external clients through facilitation and coaching activities. A 30-year veteran in the manufacturing industry, he can be reached at steve@leadingelements.com.


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