In Memoria Weyinmi Jemide

In Memoria

Weyinmi Jemide
1963 – 2018
Those of us attending The Leadership Challenge® Summit 2018 in Chicago received the news together: our dear friend and colleague, Weyinmi Jemide, had passed away suddenly after a long battle with a mysterious stomach illness. Shocked and saddened, all who knew and loved him joined in honoring his memory by sharing stories and remembering his loving kindness and pleasant humor.

A writer, coach, pastor and facilitator, Weyinmi coined the word ‘ideasionary’ to describe himself and his mission “to create, promote, and enhance ideas for business and life.” And I was the lucky one who got to assist him as he worked to achieve that goal.

From the moment he arrived for his facilitator training in Orlando in 2012, everyone could tell he was meant to deliver this program because he lived The Leadership Challenge® in everything he did. In fact, I was honored to travel to Weyinmi’s home in Lagos, Nigeria and witness this first-hand. I served as his mentor as he worked with aspiring leaders in his workshops. I had the opportunity to meet and share meals with his family. And I attended church services with the City of David congregation of the Redeemed Christian Church of God where, as pastor, I saw how he exuded each of The Five Practices.

Known as “The Enforcer” in his church and “The Influencer” in his business life, these terms of endearment reflected how he pursued his ideals and lived his values of family, love, faith, humor, and honesty—all of which were fully present at the extraordinary Celebration of Life event that included inspiring, heartfelt testimonials and tributes full of love for the man who will live “Forever in Our Hearts.”

I know and believe that the life you lead is the legacy you leave. I also believe Weyinmi’s legacy will live on in his two daughters, Muoyowa and Sisan, his son, Laju and, in particular, his wife, Regina, who recently attended our Facilitator Training Program. As she continues to pursue Weyinmi’s vision of bringing The Leadership Challenge to aspiring leaders and organizations in Nigeria and across Africa, we welcome her into our community and offer her our thoughts of support and strength.

Stephen Hoel
is a Certified Master of The Leadership Challenge® and president of Diversity Leadership Consultants, a leadership development organization focusing on improving the effectiveness of leadership and team skills. He can be reached at


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