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Mark your calendars! Changes to LPI reports arriving November 11

You spoke, we listened.  And come November 11th, there will be more to love about the already powerful Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI) reports. You’ll find the same evidence-based leadership assessment results that have stood the test of time— enhanced and fully redesigned in a more contemporary format that is easier to read, easier to understand, and easier to identify key metrics that will highlight lessons to be learned and help aspiring leaders move forward along their leadership journey.


We gathered comments and ideas from a variety of LPI users and incorporated that feedback into a major design revision of the reports. Over the past few years, we’ve listened carefully to those of you with experience administering the LPI, providing one-to-one feedback sessions using these reports, as well as many leaders themselves.  We’ve taken your input and incorporated the valuable changes that you suggested would help make these tools even more useful in your work developing exemplary leaders.


Based on feedback you provided, following are just a few of the changes you’ll see:

  • More meaningful titles for the reports – for clarity
    • We’ve changed the names of two of the reports to more accurately reflect their meanings – and you can click on the links below to see samples:           

Previous Title                                     New 4th edition

Individual Feedback Report               Individual Feedback Report View Sample

Comparative Report                           Reassessment Report View Sample

Combined Report                               Group Report View Sample 


  • A summary of The Five Practices Model for your leaders to help you de-brief
    • An additional page is now included in the Individual Feedback Report that contains a short description of The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership® model and insights about the research, validity, and proven effectiveness of the LPI


  • You asked for more breakouts of the data to more easily track the results.  In these new reports you’ll find:
    • A new feature that reports on the total number of Observers who were invited to participate and how many actually responded
    • Changes to the layout to accommodate 12-15 Observers on a single page
    • Manager score is now broken out and shown separately (still included in the Observer averages)


  • You also asked for additional explanations so that leaders will have an easier time benefitting from their reports. So we’ve added:
    • An explanation of what the percentile graph means, featured right on the report
    • Clearer indicators at 30th percentile & 70th percentile
    • + or – indicators,  depending on whether the 1.5 difference in the Observer average score is greater or less than Self score; an explanation also is included about why 1.5 is statistically important
    • You wanted more information on the Group report (previously called “Combined”), so here’s what you’ll see:
      • Addition of a Percentile Ranking Graph (just like the Individual Percentile Ranking Graph, but instead of the Self scores it reflects the average scores of the combined group)
      • Addition of a Behavior Ranking page (as in the Individual Report,) but reflects the Group’s scores
      • And much more.  Have a look at the samples and see for yourself!

What hasn’t changed? The evidence-based 30-item assessment!  The statements are the same, the practices are the same, and The Leadership Practices Inventory instruments still reflect the proven results from over 30 years of research. 


Reports generated after November 4th will be the new, improved LPI 4th edition reports.  If you happen to be delivering LPI assessments shortly before or after that date, you’ll want to plan the printing of your reports to be complete before or after November 4, 2012 so that all your leaders will receive the same style of report. 

Questions?  We are here to help.  Contact your leadership consultant at 1-866-888-5159, tech support at http://lpi.custhelp.com/, or Dana Schwartz at dschwartz@wiley.com.

Dana Schwartz is Web Product Manager, coordinating the on-going development, sales and marketing of the products on the LPI Online platform: LPI 360, LPI Self, Student LPI, and TLCW Pre-Work. Over a 15+ year period she was a founding partner in three software startups and knows first-hand the importance of leadership in organizations. She can be reached at dschwartz@wiley.com and welcomes your input and feedback related to "anything LPI!"    


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