A Simple Strategy for Inspiring a Shared Vision Jeni Nichols

A Simple Strategy for Inspiring a Shared Vision

One important challenge Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner often raise addresses an issue nearly every leader can identify with: in a business climate defined by change, how do we find time to recognize and encourage others?  In an event Jim participated in a while back with Sonoma Leadership Systems, he had a few suggestions that inspire us in our work with clients every day—a few simple yet powerful actions we all can take to thank and inspire others:


Daily Action: Thank each person on your team at least once a day for contributing to high performance.

Daily Practice: Ask yourself "What have I done today that demonstrates the values that I hold dear to me? What will I do tomorrow to demonstrate my values?"

Weekly Practice: Then ask "What have I done this week to improve so that I am more effective that I was last week?" Ask your team members to reflect on the same question

Jeni Nichols is President of FlashPoint, a Global Training Partner for The Leadership Challenge, where she leads a team of creative, experienced leadership development professionals in fulfilling the firm’s vision of developing a “well-led world, one leader at a time.” She can be reached at www.flashpointleadership.com.


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