When Working on Vision, Get Inspired!

When Working on Vision, Get Inspired!

Craig Haptonstall

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If the group I'm working with ever gets stuck on the "the Vision thing," the following is a piece of advice that I offer them. If you have the time and the proper setting, you could also turn this into an actual activity where the group leaves the classroom in search of something that inspires them. When they return, ask each individual to share what it is that they found inspiring and why.


Creating and communicating a Shared Vision with co-workers is one of the most difficult challenges a leader will ever face. The Vision behaviors are some of the least frequently demonstrated, and the hardest to implement, as measured by the Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI). This is no easy task to accomplish.

So, let's stack the deck in our favor! The next time you find yourself needing to Inspire a Shared Vision-be it as simple as the description or completion of a project, or as complex as the future of your department or organization-get out of the office! Most office environments are designed for maximum productivity, but not necessarily for maximum creativity. Switching out the workplace for a less conventional atmosphere can make this creative challenge a lot easier. Take a lunch break and head over to the local museum. Walk around and notice what other inspired people have done in the past, and are doing these days. Often, there are even local artist displays where you can view the work of inspired people residing in your area. Just half an hour spent looking at these works can provide real inspiration for you and your team, and provide fuel to create a more compelling vision of the future.

Try this the next time you need a little inspiration! Your team will be glad you did, and the vision you create will be more compelling and inspired than if you'd stayed in your office and attempted the work.



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