What Do Initially Low LPI Scores Mean?

What Do Initially Low LPI Scores Mean?

Barry Posner

Q: I recently used the LPI with a group of 25 people. Because this was an introduction to The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership®, they took the LPI Self. When compared to the normative data, the vast majority of the group fell in the "low" or "mid–range. As I am quite familiar with normative data and various 360 tools, I found it unusual to see so many folks fall in the –low– range. To what might this be attributed?

A: Although there is no known reason why the LPI scores from your group fell predominately in the low to moderate range, there is some good news in this somewhat unusual outcome. These scores suggest that many in your group could realize significant improvement in their effectiveness as leaders if they are committed to such an effort.

The LPI data is quite clear: effective leadership behaviors can be learned and practiced by anyone dedicated to becoming a more effective leader. Based on over 30 years of research, we know that the 30 leadership behaviors that are measured in the LPI apply to any leader at any level in any organization. And the more frequently leaders engage in each of these leadership behaviors, the more effective they are–both personally and organizationally. In this way, you have discovered a group of potential leaders who could benefit from exploring more deeply the Five Practices and taking on the challenge of leadership.



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