Tips for Leaders - Pass It On! October 2019

Tips for Leaders - Pass It On!

“Trust is the central issue in human relationships,” write Kouzes and Posner in The Leadership Challenge. “Without trust, you can’t lead…you can’t get people to believe in you or each other…you can’t accomplish extraordinary things.” And yet, as recent research by the Pew Research Center finds, many of us continue to see declining levels of trust—in our institutions, our elected officials, and in our interpersonal relationships. As part of the Center’s ongoing focus on issues tied to trust, facts, and democracy, there are plenty of interesting takeaways in their report that shed light on some of the critical challenges leaders face in today’s workplace:
  • 70% of adult respondents believe Americans’ low trust in each other makes it harder to solve problems 

  • 49% think interpersonal trust has been tailing off because people are less reliable than they used to be (leaders more frequently must DWYSYWD?) 

  • 86% believe it is possible to improve peoples’ confidence in each other, some saying that better leaders could inspire greater trust between individuals 
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