Leadership Beanbag Volleyball

Leadership Beanbag Volleyball

Robert C. Preziosi, D.P.A.

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  • To raise awareness and characteristics during the launch of a leadership training program
  • To provide an energizer to introduce the topic of leadership


This activity is designed for a group of 12-16 participants in a leadership development program

Time Required

About 20-25 minutes

Materials and Equipment

  • Two easels with flip chart pads
  • Flip chart markers
  • Roll of 1-inch masking tape
  • One beanbag approximately 3 by 3 inches
  • Bags of wrapped candy for prizes

Area Setup

An empty area approximately 30 by 30 feet. Position easels in corners along a common wall.


  1. Divide the room space in half to form a volleyball court. Use masking tape on the floor to identify two different playing areas
  2. Divide the participants into two equal teams. Have each team line up on opposite sides of the court and arrange themselves into volleyball team positions.
  3. Explain to all participants that they are going to play a game of Beanbag Volleyball.
  4. Toss the beanbag to one of the teams as preparation to start the game and explain the rules of the game
    • The game begins when one team member makes a "soft" underhand toss to the directly opposite player on the other team.
    • If the player on the other team catches the beanbag, he or she has the right to name one characteristic of a successful leader.
    • The facilitator writes the characteristic on that teams flip chart and makes a reinforcing comment
    • The teams alternate throwing and catching with a catch required to name different characteristics. If the beanbag isn't caught or is dropped, the right to name a characteristic is lost. Characteristics may not be repeated during the game.
    • A characteristic on one teams flip chart may not be on the other teams flip chart.
    • Throwing and catching the beanbag is rotated among all players on both teams.
    • One round is completed when everyone has had an opportunity to throw and catch the beanbag.
    • Play two complete rounds
    • The team with more characteristics after two rounds is pronounced the winner. If the two teams are tied, both are declared the winner. Provide candy to the winners.
  5. Continue the activity by calling everyone's attention to the lists and make "Bridging" comments to translate to the next activity in the session.

Insider Tips

  • Make sure that all the beanbag tosses are thrown softly and underhand.
  • Relate the flip chart lists to the actual content of the training program.
  • Be sure to allow flexibility to anyone with a disability.
  • Encourage teams to clap each time a member catches the beanbag.

Created by Robert C. Preziosi, D.P.A. and submitted to 90 World-Class Activities by 90 World-Class Trainers, edited by Elaine Biech.

Robert C. Preziosi, D.P.A., a professor of management in the Huizenga School of Business at Nova Southeastern University, teaches nontraditional graduate students in HR, HRD, and leadership. Bob has been training trainers for over 20 years and is the editor of the Pfeiffer Annuals on HRM and management development. You can contact Robert via e-mail at preziosi@huizenga.nova.edu.



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