Finding Inspiration for the New Year

Finding Inspiration for the New Year

Reading or watching today’s news, it’s easy to think the very worst of our human nature. We are cruel and self-centered, arrogant and privileged. Those “Dark Triad” traits, indeed, were some of the findings from research conducted by The British Psychological Society and published last year. But, that’s only half the story. The Society’s most recent article, “Good at Heart? 10 Psychology Findings That Reveal the Better Side of Humanity”, explores research that also demonstrates our “light” dimensions; how surprisingly selfless young kids can be; that Paying It Forward actually creates a domino effect; and our greatest compassion towards others most often comes from the awareness of our own suffering.

Jim Kouzes shared his thoughts on these findings saying, “It's inspiring and encouraging to know just how kind and compassionate humans can be. There is a brighter side to humanity, and we should celebrate it, especially now.” Read More



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