Enabling Elements

Enabling Elements

Valarie Willis

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Participants learn to bring to life the attributes of Enabling Others to Act

Group Size:

Any size


  • Blank business cards or card stock.
  • A flip chart or white board for taking notes.


  • Using blank business cards or card stock, type the following words (or other words of similar sentiment):
  • Trust
  • Collaboration
  • Competence
  • Confidence
  • Create the number of words based on participants. If you have 24 participants, then you would create 6 sets of the words above.
  • Turn cards upside-down and mix-up.
  • Have each participant pull a card.
  • Sort participants into groups based on their words.
  • Each group defines the word they have been given, coming up with specific examples of how they have lived out these words, how their organization is living out the words, and recommendations on how to improve upon these attributes
  • Bring all the groups together and debrief.
  • Record the findings and recommendations of each group on flip chart or white board.
  • Participants keep the card that they received to remind them throughout the next few weeks to focus on that particular attribute.

Valarie Willis is a Master Facilitator of The Leadership Challenge® Workshop. She is the principal of Valarie Willis Consulting in Loveland, OH where she focuses on strategic management consulting. E-mail Valarie.



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