Developing International Coaches for the LPI…a FIRST in Dubai Moore September 2016

Notes from the Field

Developing International Coaches for the LPI…a FIRST in Dubai

Graham Moore

The Leadership Challenge continues to extend its global quest to develop exemplary leaders in every corner of the world. And for those of us who are fortunate to be working closely with this powerful set of tools and The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership® framework, we know the value of the LPI®: The Leadership Practices Inventory® delivers in helping leaders transform their behaviors to become the best leaders they can be. In fact, the evidence is clear that positive results are achieved when the LPI is used as the key element of a coaching program: leaders who more frequently engage in the 30 leadership behaviors of the LPI are more effective. That’s why there has been a real focus in the U.S. over the past several years to provide targeted training and support for coaches in the form of the LPI® Coach Certificate Program. And now, for the first time, we have brought this program to the Middle East.

The first International LPI® Coach Certificate Program opened to the public in Dubai, UAE earlier this year and by many measures was a huge success. The decision to present this as an Open Program, in this very diverse region where The Leadership Challenge has been gaining traction in recent years, was not only an exciting opportunity but one which was approached with some trepidation: would we be successful in getting the coaches of Dubai to attend a full day of training to learn how they could integrate this great tool into their coaching?

As the program was promoted in the weeks leading up to the event, Dubai displayed its reputation as a ‘global hub’. The early uptake was not only positive but reflected the diversity of the region with participants from as far away as Nigeria—almost on the other side of the African continent—and the Philippines— half a world away—registering. In the end, we welcomed 10 leadership development and coaching professionals representing seven different countries. Most exciting for us was the fact that eight of our participants saw such value in this LPI Coach Certificate Program that they flew in to Dubai from the countries where they’re based for the sole purpose of attending our one-day workshop.

Cultural diversity is at the heart of business—indeed, of society—in the Middle East. We are all well-accustomed to working and living among people from many different cultural backgrounds, with different practices and beliefs. As a result, coaches working in this region often face a myriad of challenges in bringing teams and organizations together in successful collaboration. But as we stressed during our coaching program that day, the one constant that every coaching professional can be sure of is that no matter where they are based and whatever diverse challenges they may confront, The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership applies universally—whoever the leader is and wherever that leader is who is being coached.

All of our program attendees saw great potential for incorporating the LPI into their coaching approach as they work to develop exemplary leaders. As Mohammed Elyas of SGM Talent Management & Leadership Development in Saudi Arabia remarked, “My level of confidence is very high that I can coach anyone using the LPI 360. That the assessment can be completed in both Arabic and English has made my life very easy, and also has given me a professional edge.”

So right now, leaders in such countries as Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Philippines, and Dubai are being coached with the LPI forming the basis of their leadership development. And they are being guided by certified LPI® coaches intimately familiar with the LPI reports, the rigorous research behind the LPI, and with a thorough understanding of how to effectively help leaders make sense of their feedback in both group settings and one-on-one coaching. And that’s exciting!

For more information on the LPI Coach Certificate Program, visit:

Graham Moore is the first Certified Master for The Leadership Challenge in the Middle East. Originally from Australia and now based in Dubai, UAE, Graham has 20+ years of experience as a facilitator and has been working internationally for the last 12 years, delivering The Leadership Challenge program in 10 countries. Among his many contributions to the TLC community, he helped capture the powerful story of the Ministry of Tourism of Ajman (one of the seven emirates of the United Arab Emirates) into a video case study available on YouTube Graham can be reached at



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