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Q:  We receive requests from clients about what follow up we can offer after a two-day Leadership Challenge Workshop®. In addition to coaching, what else can we do? My clients are looking for a series of follow up actions that can sustain for a year. –Terence Yeung, Managing Director and Leader Trainer, Tacsen, Hong Kong

A: I have gotten the best results by holding routine, short follow-up sessions every month or two to focus on one of The Five Practices and bring in some additional activities or related ideas. It is even better if you can motivate the client’s team members to lead the sessions. By having to teach, they will learn more.—Steven Skarke,Steve Skarke of Leading Elements and a Certified Master of The Leadership Challenge®

Brown Bag lunch sessions focused on one of The Five Practices for the five months following the two-day session work very well. These can be short refreshers, 60-90 minutes long, ideally led by the client. If they care to focus on one or two behaviors within a practice, that works, too. I think that setting the expectation that you will be reassessing their progress with a second LPI® after six to nine months is also very powerful. That adds a sense of urgency to their continued focus.—Tom Pearce, President, iLead Consulting & Training, and a Certified Master of The Leadership Challenge.

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