What We're Reading October 2018

What We're Reading

Thirty years ago Tom Peters turned the world of business upside down with his co-authored book, In Search of Excellence. Now, after over a dozen books and an influence on the field of management and leadership that has earned him international accolades as a true legend, he is still pioneering new thinking and fresh perspectives on the future of organizations and the role of humanity in it. In his newest book, The Excellence Dividend, Peters explores this relationship within the context of today’s digital revolution and the impact of AI.

As noted author Sally Helgesen writes, “Tom Peters fires his passion at the monster challenge of our day: how to thrive in the age of algorithms.” And in a richly detailed review of the book for CEO.com, author and contributor Cheryl Burgess calls it “a sort of “spiritual sequel” to his 1982 best-seller”—an insightful piece that is well worth a read here.


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