What We're Reading March 2018

What We're Reading

Leaders create leaders. They Model the Way to lead. They Enable Others to Act and to liberate the leaders inside themselves. From Boomers to Xers, it’s also no different with Millennials. Understanding employees, colleagues, and others in this age group becomes much easier when we look at who they are, what motivates them, through the lens of leadership.

Millennials Matter: Proven Strategies for Building Your Next Gen Leader delivers just such insight. Author Danita Bye, founder and CEO of Sales Growth Specialists, surveyed over 300 business and sales leaders about working with millennials to form the foundation of this book. And she’s packed it with tips and tools for connecting with, mentoring, and developing the leaders of the future. For example, she offers best practices advice like this:
  1. Give Regular Feedback and Encouragement 
  2. 80% of Millennials want on-the-spot recognition. The long sit-down annual review is passé. Recognition given freely, openly, and honestly provides them with incredible insights to help them grow their skills and their career. Plus, it helps them better understand the job that you want them to do. 
  3. Recognize Their Individuality 
  4. Unlike any other generation before them, Millennials have been taught that they are individuals and that their uniqueness should be celebrated. 
  5. Spot their Talents and Strengths 
  6. Help them to leverage those talents and strengths in ways that move their careers forward. In spite of their seemingly know-it-all attitude, they are hungry to learn from people they trust and respect. In a culture of trust and respect, your feedback and encouragement will be well-received, and will help nurture these aspiring Millennials into Next Gen Leaders. 
If you're interested in the perspective of an entrepreneur, educator, and a mom of three millennials who applies what she's learned about Millennials in Christian church, business and academic settings, you’ll find Millennials Matter filled with practical insights to help you maximize your business, mobilize your sales leaders, and realize your legacy. You'll also be supporting a worthy cause: 10% of the profits generated from sales of the book will support the Convoy of Hope’s Feed One Initiative.

    Deb Calvert, a Certified Master of The Leadership Challenge®, is president of People First Productivity Solutions with expertise in constructing leadership development programs, conducting team effectiveness workshops, and boosting organizational performance through executive coaching. Author of DISCOVER Questions® Get You Connected and co-author (with Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner) of the just released Stop Selling & Start Leading, she can be reached at deb.calvert@peoplefirstps.com or follow her on LinkedIn.


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