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What We're Reading: February 2016

Want to be an outstanding leader? Keep a journal is the advice from Nancy Adler, McGill University professor and friend of The Leadership Challenge®. “Research has documented that outstanding leaders take time to reflect,” she writes in a recent Harvard Business Review article. “But the reality is that most of us live such fast-paced, frenzied lives that we fail to leave time to actually listen to ourselves.” So what she provides here is a simple approach to carving out ample time to reflect and write, including trigger questions in case you get stuck, and suggestions on how to use art to help ignite your imagination. 

In addition to accolades Nancy has received as a researcher, consultant, and visual artist, her Leadership Insight journal has won the praises of Jim Kouzes who called it “a magical work by an extraordinarily talented artist and highly respected scholar…Leadership Insight offers us a necessary and welcome bit of quiet space for reflection and contemplation. We know that the most self-aware leaders make the best leaders, and recording in this journal is the perfect way to gain more insight into yourself, your relationships, and your world.”


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