Visual Explorer

Visual Explorer

Beth High

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Objective: Finding a Metaphor for Your Vision

Time: 10 - 15 minutes

This is a technique that I've used with great success during the Inspire section of The Leadership Challenge® Workshop. It is called Visual Explorer: Picturing Approaches to Complex Challenges and it is published by the Center for Creative Leadership. It consists of about 220 images — anything you can imagine from Renaissance art to nature shots to a winning women's track relay team. The images are 8 x 11 inches and quite durable.

This activity is perfect for when participants start getting the "freaky-freaks" about coming up with their Vision speech. You need a space where you can spread out the pictures, preferably in a separate room. When we are talking about the impact of metaphors, I encourage them to take a minute to focus on their vision of how things could be and see if a metaphor comes to mind. If they feel "stuck" then I direct them into the space where the images are arranged. I tell them to walk through the gallery and allow themselves to be drawn to an image that captures their vision in some way. I warn them that there is a good chance that the image will pick them because the right side of the brain is kicking- in. Participants benefit from the focus and reinforcement of their selected images, even those who have already thought of an appropriate metaphor.

Beth High embraces the metaphor that leadership is a journey. She is a Master Facilitator of The Leadership Challenge® Workshop.


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