Six Strategies Worksheet for Turning Adversity into Opportunity: 6 of 6

Six Strategies Worksheet for Turning Adversity into Opportunity: 6 of 6

Showing you care about your teammates, colleagues, direct reports, and others you regularly interact with is always important. But during times of stress and adversity, this takes on special significance. Everyone needs encouragement and, as leaders, one of the most important responsibilities we have is to keep hope alive by making sure that others know they are valued and appreciated, that they have internalized a winning mentality. The following is the sixth and final actionable strategy adapted from Turning Adversity into Opportunity that can help you do that—to help ensure that those around you can see positive images of the future.  

Strategy #6: Show You Care. Positive emotions fuel optimism and hope. That's why telling positive stories contributes to people feeling more capable during times of difficulty. 
  • How can I make sure that people on my team know that I care about them? 
  • What can I do to maintain face-to-face interactions and conversations with people? 
  • How do I communicate my belief that the people I am working with are winners? 
  • How can I share the sacrifices that people may be, or are being, called on to make? 
  • What positive steps have already been taken and how can I communicate those to others? 
  • What can I do daily to demonstrate a positive and hopeful outlook?  
  • Who has done something that has made a positive difference, and how can I tell their story to others?  
  • What can I do to recognize the positive contributions that are being made?
  • How can I keep myself and others enthused about the work that we're doing?
  • How can I be certain to say “thank you” more frequently?
Showing you care about others is what, in turn, makes others care about you and work hard to make the impossible possible. 

Copyright © 2014. Based on James M. Kouzes and Barry Z. Posner, Turning Adversity Into Opportunity. San Francisco: The Leadership Challenge, A Wiley Brand. (2014)


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