Leadership Essentials

Leadership Essentials

Kitty and Bob Preziosi

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  • To introduce session participants to key leadership skills
  • To exchange perspectives on important leader behavior


A group of no more than twelve participants who are beginning a leadership training program


2 minutes each for up to twelve participants

Materials and Equipment

  • Easel with flip-chart pad
  • Markers
  • Two Debrief Essentials sets

Area Setup

Open space for moving around


  1. Place fourteen foam Debrief Essentials toys on a table
  2. Tell participants to stand and walk over to the table; each of them should select an item that represents a particular leadership skill or behavior
  3. Ask participants to return to their seats
  4. Ask each participant, in turn, to stand and tell the entire group what leadership skill or behavior the item he or she chose represents
  5. Record on a flip chart each skill or behavior
  6. Ask the group to brainstorm other leadership essential skills or behaviors; record the ideas on flip-chart paper
  7. Add to the list based on any aspect of the course content that participants may have missed
  8. Lead a discussion about any leaders participants have encountered who have all the skills and behaviors that have been identified
  9. Segue into the next learning activity

Insiders Tips

  • This should be a fast-paced exercise
  • Ask an occasional question about a particular toy and the identified behavior or skill

Excerpted from Trainers Warehouse Book of Games: Fun and Energizing Ways to Enhance Learning edited by Elaine Biech.

Kitty Preziosi has over twenty years' experience as a company team leader and senior consultant for achieving strategic initiatives. Bob Preziosi is a professor of management at the Huizenga School of Business and Entrepreneurship at Nova Southeastern University. Together, Bob and Kitty own Preziosi Partners, Inc., a consulting firm.


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