Exposing Remote Offices to the Leadership Challenge

Exposing Remote Offices to the Leadership Challenge

Beth High

Q: We are a global company with employees scattered all over the world. We've got people in various time zones. And travel budgets are really tight. However, we do want to implement The Five Practices consistently across the organization. Any ideas on how we can get remote offices exposed to The Leadership Challenge?

A: Since we are becoming more and more global, many companies are facing this type of challenge. Fortunately, you have a number of options—one or several of which might work for you. For example, if you have people in some of your offices who are already familiar with The Five Practices model, The Leadership Challenge® e-learning Program could be a good option. With a little facilitation help, this 130-minute interactive and self-directed online course will get others up to speed on the model and the practices. The resident Leadership Challenge champion can pull together your other aspiring leaders for a locally-based leadership development focus. If you need help deciding if this is the best choice for your organization, there are Certified Masters available, many of whom have extensive experience in this area and can definitely provide you with assistance.

Another option is a 6-session, facilitator—ed, webinar series available from Sonoma Leadership Systems that can provide groups with the fundamentals of The Five Practices model.

Also, The Leadership Challenge® Workshop Online is the latest refinement of the proven The Leadership Challenge Workshop program and will be available this spring. This blended learning program pulls participants together in a virtual space. It creates an ongoing learning community dedicated to exploring the leadership potential of all attendees. During the program, participants are able to take what they learn, apply it in their work environments, and share the results with their community. This learning methodology helps reinforce the potential this powerful model has in driving results.

Leadership is not only everyone's business, it also is on everyone's mind. Bringing people together around a common language of leadership is key. Creating a space for them to practice is next: having a place for them to share what they learn, the challenges and rewards they face, the potential for change and improvement they see. Those are the critical elements to unlocking the door to substantive change. Reaching all of your organization's aspiring leaders in whatever remote location they may be at is not only a great notion, it's imperative—and very doable.

Beth High is President of HighRoad Consulting, a leadership development company, where she focuses on the challenges of leading effectively in the virtual environment. She also is a Certified Master of The Leadership Challenge® and can be reached at highroadconsulting@gmail.com.


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