Connecting to the Business

Connecting to the Business

Valarie Willis

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One challenge that we continue to face in training and development is how to make the training-to-business connection. The following exercise suggests one way to make that link.

Where your organization may have implemented some type of employee survey, what typically follows is that a task force is put together to determine how to fix the problems identified. While the concept of creating a task force is a great idea, we still need to help leaders see the critical role they must play in making those necessary changes happen. The method that has worked quite well for me is to develop a way to connect the survey questions and outcomes to leaders training and development initiatives.

  • Obtain a copy of the survey results to upcoming survey questions
  • Map as many of these as you can to The Five Practices
  • Put one question or issue on an index card.( I usually have a different colored card for each practice.)
  • Pass out the deck of cards to teams and have them come up with explicit ways that show how their leadership influences or impacts the issue
  • Report out
  • Have each member select one area of opportunity

Completing this exercise helps to connect the dots between employee surveys and leadership practices.

Valarie Willis is an expert in helping organizations and individuals optimize results and shape the workplace of tomorrow. Inspiring people to reach their full potential, she is a Master Facilitator of The Leadership Challenge Workshop® and can be reached at


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