What We're Watching June 2017

What We're Watching

I recently found a great TED Talk by Harvard Professor Linda Hill whose message really resonated and, for me, linked directly to The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership®. From her research, which she has published in her recent book, Collective Genius she is basically suggesting that leaders need to create an environment where everyone gets to play and everyone feels that their voice adds value.  I love this message. But she then goes on to also suggest that the leadership required to make this happen is significantly different than the standard leadership learning. While that may be true of other models of leadership, I find that what it takes to lead in the type of creative environment she describes is exactly in line with The Leadership Challenge and The Five Practices.

For example, in her talk Professor Hill describes Ed Catmull, founder and CEO of Pixar, and demonstrates how he leads innovation. He is clearly following The Five Practices when he:
  • Is clear about his leadership philosophy (Model The Way)
  • Creates a broad and long-term vision; for example, “An organization at the frontier” in the case of Pixar (Inspire a Shared Vision)
  • Lets people experiment and learn from mistakes (Challenge the Process)
  • Enables everyone to share what they can (Enables Others to Act)
  • Recognizes people for their contribution to the team's success, including babies born in the process of making a Pixar film (Encourage the Heart).
Again, this is a great message about how to lead innovation. It helps us to see how important great leadership is in this process, and how we need to create the environment for “collective genius”.

Adapted from an original post, The Five Practices of Leading Innovation, published at Stone Ridge Consulting | Leadership

Kelly Ann McKnight
, a Certified Master of The Leadership Challenge, is a personnel development professional who focuses on bringing innovative training and coaching tools in leadership development, management development, behavioral profiling, and team building to her clients. She can be reached at www.stoneridgeconsulting.ca



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