What We're Reading & Watching July 2018

What We're Reading & Watching

Bill Gates calls Factfulness "one of the most important books I've ever read―an indispensable guide to thinking clearly about the world.”

And Jim Kouzes adds, “I highly recommend it…and definitely watch the TED video.”

If endorsements like these don’t pique your interest, consider the research behind Factfulness: Ten Reasons We’re Wrong about the World—and Why Things Are Better Than You Think. It all began with what the authors called the “Ignorance Project”, which set out to explore our preconceived notions about poverty, gender, educational achievement, and other basic truths about our world. They came to see how our own personal biases, the way we consume media, and our perception of what “progress” means (and what it looks like to us) all contribute to our somewhat skewed worldview. And in Factfulness, they offer a fascinating way to reframe that worldview to help us see that things are truly better than we think.

For more reading and viewing, take a look at Bill Gates’ Time magazine interview.

Plus, there’s more! If you want to be both entertained and enlightened as you learn “How not to be ignorant about the world,” check out this amusing and insightful TedTalk by two of the book’s co-authors, Hans and Ola Rosling.



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