Tips For Leaders May 2018

Tips for Leaders

Inspiring stories of creativity, generosity, and collaboration—everyone can use a bit of that every once in a while. And that’s what the unique foundation called Black Sheep does best as it pursues its mission to “unlock the inner artist and creator in all, recognizing that none of us do that alone.” Sound familiar?

For anyone active in The Leadership Challenge Community, we know that it takes followers—and a whole host of others who nurture and support—for individuals to achieve the extraordinary. And the conversations that Black Sheep’s podcast series feature—and this is just its first season!—will take you deep into the life journeys of some remarkable people.

Take Dr. Vivienne Ming’s story of human perseverance, from being homeless to finding her voice and founding an independent think tank that experiments with new visions of work, education, and inclusive economies. Or check out the interview with Richard Tait, Entrepreneur in Residence at Starbucks. Others include a singer and songwriter, a few authors, and a diverse collection of innovative individuals from a variety of industries and disciplines.

So, whatever spark of creativity you’re in the mood for, you’ll find plenty to choose from in the stories at Black Sheep on iTunes or go the website here. Take a listen and get inspired!



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