Tips For Leaders July 2017

Tips for Leaders

Taking the first step on your journey to become a better leader than you were yesterday—the goal of every learning leader—can be daunting. Where do you start? Among the dozens of actions you can take to improve your effectiveness, what are two or three things you can do immediately to improve your ability to lead? To answer that question, and many others, Jim Kouzes recently sat down to talk Learning Leadership with Michelle Pizer, host of the popular14-day online summit called Crack the Leadership Code. During this entertaining and informative 30-minute interview, Jim explores the myths and mindsets of leaders, the powerful role grit plays in building the resilience required of exemplary leadership, and why the characteristic of being forward-looking is so very important. He also culls from the nearly 20 coaching tips provided in Learning Leadership to offer up this piece of advice: 

 Buy yourself a journal, and at the end of each day ask yourself these five questions:
1. Did I do my best to remain positive about my abilities today?
2. Did I do my best to focus on exciting future possibilities today?
3. Did I do my best to challenge and stretch myself today?
4. Did I do my best to learn from other people today?
5. Did I do my best to practice a new leadership skill today?
The point of this exercise, and all the others, is to find ways to deliberately practice leadership daily. Learning leadership must become a daily habit for you to become your best self. For more tools, tips, and insights from Jim, listen in to the complete interview here

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