Tips for Leaders December 2016

Tips for Leaders

“It’s easy to think that building a culture is about other people’s behaviors, not how you act as a leader,” writes HBR contributor Jim Whitehurst in his article Leaders Can Shape Company Culture Through Their Behaviors .  “But I believe that culture change begins when leaders start to model the behavior they want the organization to emulate."

As Jim Kouzas and Barry Posner often say, “leadership is in the doing.” So whether the goal is to move your organization toward becoming more innovative, more customer-focused, or more profitable, getting to where you want to go must begin with you and every leader at every level.

To help build mastery of the Practice to Model the Way, commit to making it a daily habit to take steps that demonstrate to others that leaders go first:
  • Talk with someone today about your values and beliefs 
  • Use the power of storytelling to send the right message about the values you want others to embrace 
  • Recognize, in a memorable way, a colleague who is living out the group’s shared values 
To learn more about how the LPI® and The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership® model can help you measure and build leadership skills to drive culture change Click Here   



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