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Practicing Leadership Daily Pays Off

Tips for Leaders

At one of FlashPoint’s recent offerings of The Leadership Challenge® Workshop and Facilitator Training, a participant asked the following question during an activity: “Would you rather have $20 or a penny that doubles each day for 30 days?”

I'd take the penny–the rewards are much greater!

Now, what does this have to do with leadership? 
Some leadership programs focus on intangible things–your personality, your style, your type. When something is intangible, it's hard to validate and measure (let alone improve at it in a meaningful way).

That’s the power of The Leadership Challenge® and the LPI®360. When any of our consultants work with leaders, we stress that no matter their "personality" or "leadership type", anyone can implement the tested and proven behaviors based on 35 years of ongoing research by Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner. And the LPI® even provides them with an actionable path to improving the frequency of those behaviors.

The power of frequency is exponential and it's within anyone's control.
What I love most about The Leadership Challenge is that it focuses on these proven leadership actions (through the LPI ® assessment) with concrete returns.

The frequency of the leader’s actions is fundamental to the LPI and The Leadership Challenge because, simply put, leadership is about practice. Participants in our workshops come away with the distinct understanding that by practicing leadership behaviors more often, they will improve upon their own leadership impact.

It’s just like the $20 bill versus the penny that doubles each day for 30 days. Doing something well once may pay off in the short term, but for long term impact, the biggest bang for your buck comes with doing a little bit more of each behavior each day.

Especially in the business of leadership, long-term, sustainable impact is what counts. If leaders are investing in themselves, they must build leadership skills with frequent practice and application. The returns will be significantly greater than an irregular and infrequent effort or having one good "leadership moment" that they don’t put into regular practice.

As Jim and Barry so often remind us, "You can't get any better at leading or at anything else for that matter without practice."

This article originally appeared on FlashPoint Leadership Consulting’s blog, Leadership Insights.

Andrea Davis is Partner and Co-founder of FlashPoint, a Global Training Partner of The Leadership Challenge®, committed to ensuring that leaders truly learn practical skills and improve leadership effectiveness—and that the organizations they serve see a strong return on investment. Andrea wears many hats for FlashPoint—from managing business development and operations to creating solutions for clients. She can be reached at adavis@flashpointleadership.com.



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