Bring the Five Practives to Life with Video

Bring the Five Practices to Life with Video

July 2012

Q: I'm very interested in bringing The Leadership Challenge into my organization. But I have very limited financial resources. Are there resources that are affordable and could expose the program to several of my company's teams?


A: The just-released third edition of The Leadership Challenge DVD is also an affordable and very effective way to bring these principles and practices to life for any number of leaders within your organization. This new edition features approximately 120 minutes of video, including an introduction by Jim and Barry as they reflect on The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership® model and their 30+ years of research behind it. Ten case studies are included that demonstrate the key behaviors associated with each of The Five Practices and offer an in-depth look at how ordinary individuals achieved extraordinary results putting The Five Practices into action. In fact, these cases are made available here for the first time outside The Leadership Challenge Workshop Facilitator's Guide Set. In addition, there are several international case studies from the UK and Asia, five case studies from the previous edition of this DVD, plus a guide for facilitating a group viewing and debrief discussion.



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