ask an expert bruce leamon LPI june 2014

Ask an Expert--June 2014

Q: Can I use the LPI® for one-to-one leadership coaching?

A:  Yes. In fact, many executive coaches report that the Leadership Practices Inventory® (LPI®) is their favorite ”coaching”  instrument because of its versatility and flexibility in supporting all phases of the coaching process. It captures clear 360-degree feedback that is easy to interpret and that meshes beautifully with a variety of other widely-adopted coaching frameworks, (e.g., Whitworth, Hargrove, and Hudson).  Coaches are able to quickly build a common language with the leader and easily translate the LPI feedback into key elements of a coaching action plan. Using results from a follow-up LPI also can provide an important measure of behavioral change that can be useful in a one-to one coaching process.

For additional guidance and ideas for incorporating the LPI into your one-to-one leadership coaching, the LPI Facilitator’s Guide provides general guidelines for using the LPI in a coaching situation and also includes a case example from an experienced Certified Master of The Leadership Challenge detailing the steps to consider when administering the LPI and conducting the debrief session.  


Bruce Leamon is President of Leamon Group, Inc. and a Certified Master-in-Training of The Leadership Challenge.  With 20+ years of executive experience with a Fortune 100 technology corporation, he has served on the faculty of one of the world’s top executive coach training institutions and has worked extensively facilitating complex corporate alliances, transforming teams, and developing both individuals and organizations with measurable results. He can be reached at



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