Ask An Expert August 2019

Ask an Expert

Q: How do you explain the difference between frequency and quality? I understand the research suggests that the more frequently a leader engages in a specific behavior the more positive the outcomes. And I know that the LPI® isn’t intended to specifically assess the quality of an interaction or a leader’s behavior. But, it seems that it’s assumed. Is that correct?

A: Here is how I look at the frequency vs. quality question with regards to the LPI®. Let’s imagine that it’s year-end, and you’ve thrown the best celebration in the history of your organization. You’ve recognized individuals so they felt of value. You’ve celebrated the team victories and done it all creatively and in a way that emphasizes the team’s values. Well done!

Now, let’s imagine that you get busy. And the next time you give an individual or team encouragement isn’t until next year at this time.

In this case, you may be giving quality encouragement—it’s creative, personal, focused on goals, values and community—but you are not frequently giving encouragement. To become an exemplary leader, we must focus on the frequency with which we practice each of the leadership behaviors.

When we look at the LPI®, it is measuring a point in time and is specifically measuring frequency. Over time, as you do LPI reassessments through the LPI®360+, you may see improvements on the frequency in the data and quality in the open-ended comments. And, I do believe that as you increase frequency, you will also increase quality…that’s called practicing the right things, right.

Renee Harness is founder of Harness Leadership and a Certified Master of The Leadership Challenge®. Her leadership journey has included helping leaders at Charles Schwab and Company, Roche Diagnostics and in her own consulting practice to fully engage those around them. Renee can be reached at



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